Cancellation Policy

Tareen Dermatology is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our patients in a timely and efficient manner. No-shows prevent access for other people who may be waiting for a dermatology appointment.  We have implemented a policy regarding no show appointments and cancellations without 24 hour prior notice as follows.

• A patient who fails to show up for their scheduled appointment without prior notice will
be considered a “no show”.
• A patient having two (2) no show appointments will be considered for dismissal from
the practice.

• Our office requires 24 hour prior notice for cancelled appointments to allow the
appointment slot to be available to another patient.
• Late “same day” cancellations not allowing adequate time to reschedule the
appointment slot will be considered a “no show” appointment.
• Patients cancelling two (2) times without 24 hour notice will be considered for
dismissal from the practice. For any cosmetic appointment (as we book an hour of Dr Tareen’s time for this), we will hold a $350 non-refundable deposit.

Please note that if you do not come to the appointment with your ID and insurance card you will be asked to reschedule and also asked to pay the $50 donation to the American Cancer Society.

Please make Tareen Dermatology aware of any changes in insurance coverage prior to your visit

*Patients who no-show will be assessed a $50 fee that is directly donated to the American Cancer Society in support of Skin Cancer Research

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