Best Moisturizer for Winter Skin

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During the winter months, your skin tends to become more dry.  The cold temperatures, lack of humidity in the air, and those long hot showers can all contribute to the development of dry winter skin.  It is important to know how to keep your skin moisturized during the cold Minnesota winter, as moisturized skin is healthier and less prone to infection.

Dr. Mohiba Tareen, a top Minnesota dermatologist, recommends the use of a moisturizing cream containing ceramides.  Ceramides are ingredients that help to repair the barrier of the skin; when the skin’s barrier is intact, moisture cannot escape and the skin will remain hydrated.  Dr. Tareen’s favorite moisturizing cream with ceramides is Cerave Cream, which can be purchased directly from our office or at many pharmacies.

The best time to apply any moisturizing cream is within a few minutes of showering.  This allows the moisturizing cream to trap in the skin’s moisture after your shower or bath.  Regular use of the best moisturizer will keep your skin hydrated through the winter months.  If any areas of dryness do not resolve after using Cerave Cream, it is important to visit your dermatologist to be evaluated for skin conditions, or even skin cancers or precancerous lesions, that may resemble dry skin.

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