Can a doctor help me with my hair loss?

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photo courtesy of webmd

Hair loss is a very common complaint in both men and women. I am often asked by friends, and colleagues if any doctor can really help with hair loss. The resounding answer is a dermatologist can definitely help — we have special expertise in the prevention, medical and surgical treatment of hair loss!

Generally, the dermatologist will perform a physical exam of your scalp, hair, and nails to determine the underlying basis for the hair loss. There are many potential causes of hair loss including familial pattern hair loss, stress and dietary factors, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalances, medications, and autoimmune conditions. The dermatologist may do some blood test to test for any abnormalities.  In addition, depending on what is seen on the physical exam, a small scalp biopsy may even be performed.

Early treatment of hair loss can definitely help slow down or even reverse the process. I would suggest consulting with a dermatologist sooner rather than later if you have any concerns about hair loss. Your hair will thank you!

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