Chemical Peels

A chemical peel utilizes a special solution to improve skin texture by removing the damaged outer layers. Chemical peels increase cellular turnover and refine the outermost layers of the skin. This in turn reduces fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates brown sun damaged areas, and leads to skin brightening and tightening. Specific peels may be used to treat melasma, acne, and even precancerous lesions. If you are in need of a chemical peel and live in the Minneapolis area, call Tareen Dermatology and make an appointment today.

The main categories of chemical peels are:

  • Alpha Hydroxy (AHA)
    AHA peels are derived from fruit acids (ie citrus fruits or sugar cane). They gently exfoliate the outer damaged layers of skin while stimulating the production of collagen. AHA peels are scientifically proven to reduce discoloration, smooth skin and treat fine lines. There is minimal down time with AHA peel – typically just a few days of redness and some flaking.

  • Beta Hydroxy (BHA)
    BHA peels typically utilize salicylic acid. These peels are great for oily skin prone to acne. The salicylic acid is taken up specifically by oil glands. This gently cleanses the blocked oil glands and reduces trapped bacteria. You will notice a significant difference in your acne and mild difference in your discoloration within 5-7 days. BHA peels typically have minimal peeling. In fact, many of my patients call me saying that they are not peeling (although they acknowledge that their acne and discoloration is improved!). This is because the peeling is actually going on within the blocked oil glands of the skin.

  • Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA)
    TCA is categorized as a medium depth peel as it treats the deeper layers of the skin (the dermis). TCA peels lead to significant redness and peeling–however after 1-2 weeks the results are spectacular.

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Other variations

Dr. Tareen develops a customized treatment plan for each individual’s unique concerns & conditions, including some of the following peels:

Melanage Mini-Peel

The Melanage Mini-Peel represents a new generation of chemical peels that help reduce hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. The Melanage Mini-Peel uses weak acids combined with potent non-acidic ingredients that do not burn, wound or injure the skin, and for this reason can be used on any skin types and to treat patients with darker complexions. This peel is ideal for managing melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and sun damage. While some patients may feel a mild tingling sensation from the peeling solution. the treatment is virtually painless. The Melanage Kit come with a full size of the Melanage Peel cream to amplify and extend the tone-evening and anti-aging benefits of the peel.

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Vibrance Peel

Our Vibrance Peel has been designed to exfoliate the skin and deliver desired results which almost always creates some peeling This peel is formulated for all skin types including Fitzpatrick I-VI. It is also ideal for patients with sensitive, normal and tolerant skin making it a great option for almost everyone.

The goals of this treatment is to improve the appearance of dull and uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and sun damage, discoloration, large pores, and skin roughness.

The cost of treatment can vary depending on the type of peel and the number of treatments. The price of a chemical peel ranges from $95 to $375. If you have questions regarding the overall cost of treatment based on your goals you are encouraged to schedule a cosmetic consultation where we are able to discuss if chemical peels are right for you. Call 651-633-6883 or e-mail

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