Dr. Tareen’s Personal Experience with Precancerous Moles

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Read about Dr Tareen’s personal story about precancerous moles in this month’s edition of the national magazine Marie Claire.com

Mohiba K. Tareen

Minneapolis Dermatologist Dr Mohiba Tareen shares her close call with skin cancer

Dr. Mohiba Tareen shares her story with her close call with cancer

Age at diagnosis: 33

As a dermatologist of Indian descent, Dr. Tareen knew everything there was to know about skin cancer. When an abnormal lesion developed while she was pregnant, she knew to get checked—stat. 

Her story:

“Though skin cancer is rare in my culture, I know that melanoma is one of the most common malignancies found in pregnant women. So when I noticed a new mole had developed on the sole of my foot during my second pregnancy, it was a bit scary. I saw that the mole was growing and quickly had it removed. Luckily, it was detected in the pre-cancer stage—otherwise, it could have caused significant morbidity, as cancer can spread quickly during pregnancy.”

Her message:

“Women with brown skin tones: Even you need regular full-skin checks! I have several patients of color with pre-cancers and skin cancers.”

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