Foods for Clear Skin

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Fish and walnuts omega 3

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We already know that two main foods have been shown to flare acne: Dairy and foods with high glycemic indexes (ie white bread, pasta, potatoes).  These foods increase hormonal and oil production and also spur inflammation.

New data shows there are foods to incorporate in your everyday diet to help minimize inflammation and maximize a clear complexion:
1. Probiotics: These are found in yogurt, saurerkraut, and pickles. Probiotics encourage healthy bacteria to grow in your digestive system.
2. Omega-3 Fatty-Acids: These are found in salmon and walnuts. These good fats help fight inflammation and also hydrate the skin from the inside.
3. Zinc: Individuals with lower levels of zinc have been found to have more severe acne.
A healthy diet will make you feel good and make your complexion glow!


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