Get Rid of Sun Spots

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get-rid-of-sun-spots-dermatology-in-minneapolisLabor day has passed, and it is now time to get rid of sun spots that developed during the summer months.  Tareen Dermatology in Minneapolis/St. Paul recommends the following treatments for getting rid of sun damage:


  • Daily sunscreen use – even though fall is approaching, the sun’s rays can still cause damage to your skin.  We recommend using a broad spectrum sunscreen daily (and reapplying every two hours when outdoors) all year long to prevent both the development of skin cancers and sun spots and other signs of skin aging.
  • Retinol – retinol (and its prescription-strength variation, retinoids) stimulate skin cell turnover.  This process helps to get rid of damaged skin cells and improve the overall health of your skin.  It also helps to get rid of those overly pigmented areas of the skin that developed from sun exposure this summer.
  • Vitamin C & E serum – this antioxidant serum was developed by Dr. Tareen to protect the skin against environmental damage and to help lighten the areas of excess pigmentation that develop over time.
  • In-office treatments – at Tareen Dermatology, we can evaluate your skin and determine the best treatment to get rid of sun spots you have developed.  Treatment options include chemical peels, cryotherapy, and laser therapy.

The most important thing to keep in mind is making certain that your new ‘sun spots’ are not precancerous or cancerous lesions.  Prior to starting a new skin care regimen to get rid of sun spots, we recommend scheduling a skin cancer screening.  Once we determine that all new spots are not worrisome, then we can help you to get rid of your sun spots as effectively as possible.

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