How Does the Clarisonic Work?

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does-clarisonic-work-dermatology-minnesotaThe Clarisonic brush is one of the most popular skin care items at Tareen Dermatology in Minnesota these days.  Advertising is everywhere and inferior copycat cleansing brushes are popping up every month.  How does the Clarisonic work?  Is it ‘worth it’ to purchase a Clarisonic?

Physician Assistant and longtime Clarisonic user Lauren Sundick explains, “The Clarisonic brush cleanses the skin with a unique oscillating brush.  Studies have proven that the Clarisonic brush cleans out your pores up to six times more efficiently than regular face washing, in addition to making the skin brighter and smoother.  Patients will call me a few weeks after they begin using the Clarisonic brush, just to share how great their skin is looking and feeling.  Additionally, I’ve had many patients who avoid more serious acne treatments, like isotretinoin, by cleansing their skin more effectively with the Clarisonic brush.”

Tareen Dermatology in Minnesota offers the Clarisonic brush to our patients, because we feel strongly that it is the most effective cleansing brush on the market.  Not only does the Clarisonic brush have excellent research proving that it actually works, but the company offers a money-back guarantee.  If you don’t like the brush, you simply return it for a 100% refund.  Believe it or not, we have not had a single person return the Clarisonic brush after trying it!

Tareen Dermatology offers both the Clarisonic Pro and the Clarisonic Mia.  The Clarisonic Pro is available only through a dermatologist’s office and has multiple speeds, brushes, a charging cradle, and can even be used to treat the back and chest.  The Clarisonic Mia is the travel version of the Clarisonic brush.  While it does not have all of the ‘bells and whistles’ that make the Clarisonic Pro the best Clarisonic brush on the market, it is certainly an excellent choice for someone who wants to start using a Clarisonic cleansing brush for the first time.

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