How to Get Rid of a Wart

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freezing-treatment-for-warts-getting-rid-of-wart-mnWarts are tiny growths on the skin, which are caused by a virus.  Unfortunately, warts don’t pass through your system like many other viruses.  Most commonly, they stick around until you decide to treat them.  For this reason, it is important to know how to get rid of a wart.

Its best to have your wart evaluated in the office, as warts can sometimes mimic skin cancers or precancerous lesions.  Once it is determined that the new growth is indeed a wart, it is important to begin treatment, before the wart has a chance to spread to yourself or others.  At Tareen Dermatology in Minnesota, we recommend a combination of in-office treatment and at-home treatments for warts.

  • Most warts will benefit from being pared down to their base (this doesn’t hurt!) and then ‘frozen’ with a very cold liquid nitrogen spray.  This treatment brings the temperature of the wart down to one at which the wart-causing virus cannot survive.  Additionally, it helps to remove the warty growth that has already formed on the skin.  Depending on the depth of the wart, and the area of the body being treatment, some warts may require a series of liquid nitrogen treatments at two to four week intervals.
  • After your in-office liquid nitrogen treatment, we recommend starting at-home wart treatments with duct tape and salicylic acid.  Both treatments can easily be purchased at any pharmacy (and many of us already have duct tape at home!)  We will review the specific instructions to follow during your office visit.
  • For warts that do not respond to these methods of treatment, laser wart treatment can be a very effective option.  Vascular lasers are effective for getting rid of warts, as they eliminate the blood vessels that supply the warts with nourishment, therefore not allowing the wart to survive.
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