Medicated Cleansers

Alpha-Hydroxy Cleansing Foam: This stimulating cleanser has a unique blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids including lactic and salicylic acid with green tea extract to soothe. It gently clarifies and exfoliates, making it perfect for both acne-prone and aging skin. $24

Redness Relief Cleansing Foam: This gentle cleansing foam contains the herb Evodia, used in China for centuries to powerfully, yet naturally, reduce redness and inflammation. It is perfect for individuals with rosacea and sensitive skin. $24

Benzoyl Peroxide Creamy Wash: This acne wash provides the proven power of benzoyl peroxide to keep pores clear, skin refined, and blemishes at bay. The creamy formulation prevents irritation and over-drying. $14

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