Minneapolis = long wait time to see a dermatologist?

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Average wait times for dermatology appointment in the US

A new study published by Merritt Hawkins reveals that the average wait for a new patient dermatology appointment in Minneapolis is 56 days! The only city with a longer wait time to see a dermatologist was Boston, at 72 days. In contrast, a new patient in Los Angeles, San Diego or Atlanta can see a dermatologist within 14 days (these are the cities with the shortest wait times).

At Tareen Dermatology, we always strive to see new patients with 1 week. Today, I had to discuss with a patient his diagnosis of invasive melanoma. Although the melanoma was invasive, we did catch it early and he will be 100% cured with further removal in our office. This gentleman was seen within 1 week of his primary doctor referring him. A delay of 56 days may have lead to further invasion and spread of his melanoma – a matter of life and death.

I pledge to all of my patients that if you are ever concerned about a skin cancer, I will get you in within 48 hours. It is my privilege to help care for my patients’ skin- keeping it healthy, youthful, and cancer free!



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