New Psoriasis Treatment: Laser for Psoriasis in Minnesota

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new-psoriasis-treatment-laser-for-psoriasis-minnesotaPatients with psoriasis may spend years looking for the best way to manage their psoriasis.  Psoriasis is a chronic (meaning long-lasting) inflammatory condition of the skin, which results in the formation of thick, reddish plaques with whitish scale on the skin.  Topical medications are often helpful, though sometimes they are not enough to control the psoriasis or they are difficult to apply to certain areas of the body.  Topical medications for psoriasis can also be burdensome, as they must be applied regularly to control psoriasis flares.  Patients who are looking for a new psoriasis treatment should consider the XTRAC excimer laser for psoriasis.  This laser treatment uses a targeted area of UVB light to clear the plaques of psoriasis without any pain.  Clinical research shows that patients were over 95% clear of psoriasis after a series of 10 treatments.  Some patients found that their psoriatic plaques were still clear up to one year after their last laser treatment!  All major insurance companies, and Medicare, cover laser treatment for psoriasis.

If you are interested in discussing laser for psoriasis further, please call to schedule a consultation.  Tareen Dermatology is proud to be one of the few practices to offer XTRAC laser for psoriasis in Minnesota.

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