New Rosacea Treatment in Minnesota

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Tareen Dermatology is pleased to offer a new rosacea treatment in Minnesota.  The KTP laser is a laser treatment for rosacea, which delivers better results than prescription rosacea treatments alone.  Many of our patients find that, particularly during the winter months, their rosacea continues to flare.  The KTP laser not only eliminates tiny blood vessels that can appear on the skin in patients with rosacea, but can improve the appearance of the generalized redness that accompanies rosacea as well.

The KTP laser uses a 532nm laser energy, which is absorbed in the hemoglobin (a part of the red blood cells) of the superficial vessels of the skin.  The laser energy causes these superficial vessels to collapse, which decreases the appearance of redness in rosacea and can completely remove ‘broken’ blood vessels on the skin.  Most patients require only 1-3 treatments for improvement of their rosacea.  The KTP laser is often used in combination with prescription medications for rosacea.  During your initial consultation at Tareen Dermatology, we will review the best options for the treatment of your rosacea.  Many of our patients do very well with prescription medications alone, while some require KTP laser treatment for optimal improvement of rosacea.



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