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Ready to Get Rid of That Double Chin and Saggy Jawline?

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Is your double chin aging you? Does the heaviness at your jawline make you feel older and less attractive? Do you dislike your jowls when you look in the mirror? Welcome Kybella! This remarkable new FDA approved treatment dissolves the excess neck fat that comes with aging. After Kybella treatments, you will be back to having that firm, taught jawline of your youth. Furthermore, Kybella naturally dissolves the excess fat to leave you with a natural, not artificial appearance. Learn more about Kybella treatment with expert board certified Minnesota dermatologist Dr. Mohiba Tareen.

Learn about this safe and effective new treatment:

Kybella's Before and After pictures show dramatic improvements in the neck and jawline shape, visible from both front and side profiles!

Kybella’s Before and After pictures show dramatic improvements in the neck and jawline shape, visible from both front and side profiles! (Courtesy of kybella.com)

What is Kybella? Kybella utilizes a substance known as deoxycholic acid. This naturally occurring acid has been safely shown to dissolve only fat cells. The excess neck fat is dissolved, leaving the normal skin behind.
Who is a candidate for Kybella? Individuals with a double chin or excess fat around the jawline are excellent candidates for Kybella. Because Kybella requires no general anesthesia, it is safe for almost every individual.
How long does Kybella last? Since Kybella dissolves excess fat cells it does not wear away.  There is no Botox/Dysport or dermal filler that needs to be repeated every few months. As long as you maintain your weight, your jawline should stay taught and youthful, as the fat cells are permanently destroyed!
Is Kybella painful? Minnesota dermatologist Dr. Tareen is known for her expert, painless injection technique. Dr. Tareen utilizes several different types of numbing mechanisms to reduce discomfort, making Kybella an exciting, interactive experience!
Can men have Kybella? More than half of all patients requesting Kybella at Tareen Dermatology are male. A man’s jawline is very important for projecting both youth and masculinity. Kybella will bring back that defined and handsome jawline of their youth.
Can I be allergic to Kybella? In the clinical trials for Kybella, this was not a commonly reported side effect. The most common side effects are temporary numbness, bruising, and pain. These side effects were quickly resolved and most patients in the clinical trials were very happy with their treatment! Over 79% of those treated with Kybella were very happy with their choice.
Who should perform my Kybella treatment? Only trust a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to perform your Kybella treatments. Damage to the facial and neck nerves may occur in the hands of a novice. Due to her expertise with cosmetic injectables and skin cancer surgery, Dr Tareen is the natural choice. Combining kindness and expertise, Dr Tareen will safely and painlessly perform your Kybella treatment in Minnesota.
How much does Kybella cost? Individuals vary with the amount of product required. The average cost is $1500.
Kybella is a revolutionary breakthrough that we have all been waiting for. A smooth, tight jawline is a marker for youth and attractiveness. Say goodbye to your double chin and saggy jawline quickly, cost effectively, and safely in the hands of expert dermatologist Dr Mohiba Tareen!

Please contact our office at 651-633-6883 or email Rachel@tareendermatology.com for further questions.
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