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Children’s Eczema: How to prevent this uncomfortable condition

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infant-eczemaEczema –a skin disorder characterized by rough, red, scaly and itchy skin — is on the rise. It is estimated that up to 20% of children in the United States suffer from varying forms of this disorder.

Recent research has given new strategies to help prevent this uncomfortable skin disorder.
1. Daily application of emollients from birth: Applying moisturizer from birth has been shown to significantly reduce the development of eczema. The benefit is due to enhancement of the skin barrier.  Researchers propose that daily application of moisturizer to all babies constitutes an effective, safe and cheap strategy to help prevent eczema.
2. Home water softeners: A study in England determined in children genetically prone to eczema, that hard water exacerbated the condition. Further studies are underway.
3. Probiotics: Maternal consumption of probiotics, especially during the third trimester, may reduce the development of eczema. The science shows that probiotics increase the development of diverse gut microbes. These microbes have a protective strategy against eczema.
Simple and effective strategies for eczema are easy to incorporate into our daily lives and can help protect the next generation against this itchy and uncomfortable skin disorder.



Dr. Tareen’s Personal Experience with Precancerous Moles

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Read about Dr Tareen’s personal story about precancerous moles in this month’s edition of the national magazine Marie Claire.com

Mohiba K. Tareen

Minneapolis Dermatologist Dr Mohiba Tareen shares her close call with skin cancer

Dr. Mohiba Tareen shares her story with her close call with cancer

Age at diagnosis: 33

As a dermatologist of Indian descent, Dr. Tareen knew everything there was to know about skin cancer. When an abnormal lesion developed while she was pregnant, she knew to get checked—stat. 

Her story:

“Though skin cancer is rare in my culture, I know that melanoma is one of the most common malignancies found in pregnant women. So when I noticed a new mole had developed on the sole of my foot during my second pregnancy, it was a bit scary. I saw that the mole was growing and quickly had it removed. Luckily, it was detected in the pre-cancer stage—otherwise, it could have caused significant morbidity, as cancer can spread quickly during pregnancy.”

Her message:

“Women with brown skin tones: Even you need regular full-skin checks! I have several patients of color with pre-cancers and skin cancers.”

Click here for the link to the full story (or click on my photo above to take you directly to the magazine article)

Stretch Mark Treatment – Minnesota Dermatologist

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stretch-mark-treatment-minnesota-dermatologyStretch marks (referred to as striae in medicine) are a frustrating problem for nearly everyone.  Some people experience very mild stretch marks during their teenage years, while others develop very prominent stretch marks after pregnancy or rapid weight loss.  The one thing that we all have in common is that almost everyone is bothered, to some degree, by their stretch marks.  Thankfully, most of the time, these marks are simply unsightly and not symptomatic.  They tend to develop after periods of rapid weight gain or weight loss (for example, during a teenage growth spurt, after a weight loss regimen, or during pregnancy.)  While the appearance of stretch marks tends to improve over time, they do not go away completely on their own.

There are a few treatments available at Tareen Dermatology in Minnesota that have been proven to produce improvement in the appearance of stretch marks. Topical creams, such as Lac Hydrin cream or Tretinoin cream, are available by prescription and can be applied at home.  These creams work by improving the texture of stretch marks over time.  For most patients, these are safe and easy to apply – but check with your dermatologist to see if they would be appropriate for you.

The next step in stretch mark treatment is to pursue laser therapy for stretch marks.  Laser treatments, such as the Fractional CO2 laser and the KTP laser, help to improve both the texture and appearance of stretch marks more dramatically than creams alone.  The Fractional CO2 laser works by resurfacing the skin, to promote the healthy development of new collagen on the scarred area.  The KTP laser diminishes the red appearance of stretch marks.  Tareen Dermatology in Minnesota offers both of these treatments for stretch marks to our patients.  Many of our patients have seen dramatic improvement in the appearance of unsightly stretch marks.

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