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Vitiligo: Causes and Treatment

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Tareen Dermatology patients before and after completing treatment

Actual Tareen Dermatology patients treated with excimer laser for vitiligo

 Vitiligo is an auto-immune disorder which causes white, de-pigmented patches to appear on the skin. 

Although it is unknown why the immune system attacks the pigment cells, we now have excellent treatments to help achieve re-pigmentation of the skin.

One of the most exciting advances in the treatment of vitiligo is the excimer laser. The excimer laser utilizes an anti-inflammatory, focused wavelength of light to target inflammation in the skin and stimulate re-pigmentation. 

Phototherapy, which utilizes safe narrowband UVB, is another successful treatment modality for widespread vitiligo. These quick and painless treatments utilize a full body light source to target inflammation and bring back the skin’s natural color.

There are many benefits to the excimer laser and phototherapy treatments for vitiligo including:

-Safety: These anti-inflammatory wavelengths of light only target the skin. There is no systemic absorption, thus treatments are safe for almost all ages and individuals.
-Efficacy: Treatments bring back pigmentation (either completely or at least partially) in over 80% of individuals.
-Cost: Insurance covers the cost of most treatments (including Medicare).

Tareen Dermatology in Roseville, Minnesota is proud to offer these safe and effective laser and light treatments for vitiligo. Individuals with these white patches do not need to suffer anymore – Tareen Dermatology is happy to help! Dr. Mohiba Tareen will be on ABC’s Twin Cities Live, channel 5, discussing vitiligo treatments on Monday, August 1st at 3 pm or contact our office for more information.

Gingko Bilboa- Restoring Natural Pigments in Vitiligo

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Vitiligo is an autoimmune condition where the skin loses its pigmentation. The reason the immune system starts attacking the skin pigment cells is unknown. Vitiligo is not uncommon – it is estimated that 1-2% of individuals will suffer with an area of vitiligo at some point in life.

Before and after of vitiligo treatment.

Before and after of vitiligo treatment.

Recent treatment advances are helping individuals achieve regimentation.  A combination of excimer laser treatments (which utilizes a targeted, non-cancer causing wavelength of light) as well as topical creams can be very effective and life changing.
A recent Cochrane review of vitiligo treatments published on Feb 24, 2015 also lists gingko as an effective treatment for some individuals with vitiligo. Patients given gingko biloba 40-60 mg 2-3 times per day, 10 minutes before meals, showed improvement in the their pigmentation. Importantly, very few adverse effects were noted.
Thus, gingko biloba may be a great, safe adjunct for individuals with vitiligo. In conjunction with laser therapy and topicals, we may be able to restore natural pigmentation!


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