Under-Eye Circles

Dark circles may be associated with a variety of causes. Typically, the main culprits are a combination of pigmentation and age-related skin thinning that allows a shadow to occur.

Dark circles may also be associated with allergies (constant rubbing of the eyes causes the skin to inappropriately thicken and discolor) as well as dilated superficial arteries and veins.

In addition, lack of sleep, fatigue, and iron deficiency anemia may exacerbate under-eye circles. They can be particularly prominent in South Asian skin which has a propensity to hyperpigment.

Possible treatments for dark circles include:


Retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids can help thicken the skin and can be combined with lightening agents to minimize discoloration

Injection of filler

This fills the hollows that develop with age under the eyes thus minimizing dark shadow formation

Laser treatments

Laser resurfacing can tighten and thicken the skin and help remove discoloration. Some lasers may also be able to lighten the pigmentation, although great caution and care must be used in darker skin tones to avoid exacerbating the hyper-pigmentation



Dr Shabana Khan (Dr. Tareen’s mother) immediately before injection. Note the depression under the eye leading to a dark, sunken appearance


Dr Khan immediately after injection of Restylane to the under eye area. Note the depression is immediately filled! The skin discoloration and fine wrinkles will be treated with topical retinols and growth factors – stay tuned!

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