What is Botox?

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Most people have heard of Botox, but many people do not understand exactly what it does or how it works.  One of the most common cosmetic questions that we receive is, “What is Botox?”  Botox, and its close relative Dysport, are purified proteins that are used to soften wrinkles and prevent the formation of deep wrinkles on the face.

Botox and Dysport are injected with a tiny needle directly into the overactive muscles of the face.  The purified proteins block the specific neurotransmitter that causes muscle contraction, therefore relaxing the muscles that are hyperactive and cause the movements that lead to deep wrinkle formation.  The most commonly treated areas are the glabella (the area between your eyebrows, sometimes referred to as the “eleven’s”), the horizontal lines on the forehead, and the crows feet (those pesky wrinkles around the eyes.)

During your Botox or Dysport appointment, we will first apply a numbing cream to the area, so that you do not feel any discomfort during the short procedure.  The treatment itself takes only a few minutes and most people return immediately to work or social engagements.  Minimal bruising is possible (like with all injections), but is usually easily covered with makeup.  Botox takes up to 10 days to fully “kick in,” though Dysport has been shown in clinical studies to work faster and even last longer than Botox.

Dr. Tareen is an expert Botox and Dysport injector who worked in New York City for many years prior to opening Tareen Dermatology in Minnesota.  She encourages her patients to utilize the excellent cosmetic treatments, such as Botox and Dysport, that are available, while maintaining a natural look.  The goal for all patients treated at Tareen Dermatology in Minneapolis is to look their best without looking like they had cosmetic surgery.

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