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Welcome to Tareen Dermatology! Our mission is to provide you and your family with the best quality dermatologic care in a small and personal office setting.

In choosing our small, independent practice, you will not be treated like a number as in some large health systems. We pride ourselves on knowing and caring for our patients as individuals.

At Tareen Dermatology, we have the most affordable pricing. This means for the exact same care/office visit at a large institution you/your insurance company pays more to a large health system than our small independent office.

For these reasons, please try to provide us with the most accurate insurance information so we can get your claim submitted to your insurance carrier correctly the first time. This allows us to keep your costs low, pay our hard-working staff, and keep our dermatologic care the best in the Twin Cities!

This information is provided to help clarify payment for medical services:

Tareen Dermatology is pleased to participate in a large number of different insurance plans. It is the patient’s responsibility to understand and comply with any requirements of your particular plan. Please understand that you may be responsible for any payment due (this includes co-payments, co-insurance amounts, and deductibles). Failure on our part to collect this portion of the charges is considered insurance fraud. Therefore, please help us uphold the law and make your payments.

Payment is due in full when services are rendered. If a valid insurance card is provided, this will be taken instead of a cash payment. As a courtesy to our patients, we will bill participating insurance plans. If a patient is self-pay, we significantly discount services and will provide the legal visit note, but will not bill insurance company or HSA.

If you are unable to view this video, please feel free to call our office for info/a description.

Learn More about our Billing Process and Policies

Dr. Mohiba Tareen, board certified dermatologist, along with Tammi, Clinic Administrator, explain the billing process and policies at Tareen Dermatology.


All co-payments are due at the time of service. If not paid at the time of visit, a $10 fee will be added.

All services that require pre-certification must be authorized before services are rendered. Additionally, if a referral is needed, the referral must be obtained prior to the date of your service.


If a patient has received a statement from Tareen Dermatology, the amount must be paid in full before a provider sees the patient for a new visit, unless previous payment arrangements have been made. Any outstanding balance must be paid upon receipt of the first statement. Failure to do so will trigger a 1.5% service fee for the additional statement sent. Any account sent to collections will incur the standard extra 25% collection fee.

100% of the self-pay portion of the account is due at the time of service, unless previous payment arrangements have been discussed.

All patients who reside outside of the United States are required to pay cash for all charges at the time services are rendered, regardless of the dollar amount.

Tareen Dermatology accepts cash, checks, Discover, Visa, Master Card and American Express as payment options. Returned checks will be charged back to the patient’s account with a service fee of $25.00.

Delinquent accounts in excess of 60 days may be assigned to a collection agency or an attorney. When accounts are turned over to collections, the additional fees associated with that process will be added to your account balance.

Credit Card on File

Tareen Dermatology requires patients to keep a credit card on file to pay any balance due after insurance has made payment to us (this includes both primary and secondary insurance companies). This card will be used only to charge any outstanding balance due on the patient’s account (co-payments, co-insurance amounts and deductibles). Along with your credit card, we will need a copy of your valid photo ID.

Our office is fully committed to compliance by providing appropriate security of our records, protecting the privacy of our patient’s information and properly maintaining our billing policies in accordance with national HIPAA standards.

Thank you again for choosing Tareen Dermatology for your dermatological needs. Our billing manager is happy to address any concerns. She is available most days from 8 am to 2 pm at 651-633-6883.

Common Questions

These are some common questions about our credit card on file policy:

1. Why does Tareen Dermatology keep my credit card on file?

This is becoming the “norm” for medical practices just as it is when you check into a hotel. By being able to charge remaining balances on the credit card for people who don’t pay their bills we are able to keep our costs lower, continue to provide you great care, and pay our hard-working staff. Being a small dermatology practice it is important for us to try and always keep your costs low and keeping a credit card on file allows us to do this.

2. Is my information secure?

Absolutely! The information is stored in Advanced MD’s HIPAA compliant billing software. Once your card is swiped even our staff cannot see the card numbers, except for the last 4 digits. Our credit card system – because of the added requirements by HIPAA for medical offices – is more secure that most online shopping websites or even using your credit card at a store or restaurant.

3. Will I have the opportunity to pay my bill?

Yes! You will receive your EOB (explanation of benefits) in the mail once your insurance company has paid their portion. You will then receive a statement from Tareen Dermatology with your balance due. You can pay this by check, credit card, or cash. Our policy is that we send two statements and wait 60 days. If after that time the bill as not been paid the credit card will be charged.

4. What if there is an error or a charge I want to dispute?

You still have the opportunity to dispute any charge with your credit card company as you would for any other charge. Also, our billing office is always available by phone to answer any questions about your bill or any credit card charges.

5. My insurance always pays everything and so why do I need a credit card on file?

There are virtually hundreds of different plans and we cannot know the intricacies of every patient’s plan until the claim has been sent. If there is a zero balance than your credit card information will just remain securely stored and never charged.

6. I understand all of the above, but I either don’t carry credit cards or am just not comfortable with this policy?

While every rule has an exception, we ask that in this case you leave $100 as a deposit via check which will be applied to any balance or destroyed if there is no balance.

Individuals with Special Needs

All efforts will be made to help those with special needs. It is ultimately the responsibility of Dr. Tareen to help individuals with special needs – thus all patients with special needs will be seen by Dr. Tareen ONLY. Patients who are self-pay will be assessed regular self-pay price.

We make every attempt to accommodate all our patient’s wishes whenever possible and make the patient visit not only compliant legally with HIPAA, ADA, and Medicare regulations, but also providing the best level of service that we can reasonably provide.

Individuals who are HEARING IMPAIRED

Per the official government and ADA guidelines (see link below) we offer a number of reasonable options to facilitate appropriate and thorough communication with our hearing impaired patients.

A few options that we offer:

  1. pen and paper
  2. texting back and forth on an iPad
  3. live interpreter: this takes some time to arrange. All patients requesting live interpreters are seen ONLY by Dr. Tareen. Dr. Tareen reserves 30 minutes for these appointments and thus they take several weeks to arrange (our current wait for most visits is 2- 6 weeks, as is commensurate with most dermatologic care in the twin cities – given that 30 minutes are blocked, the wait is typically longer than for most new or follow-up patient visits).

We do consult with our practice attorney as well as a representative at the ADA and we are in compliance with all federal and state laws. Please feel free to call or e-mail with any questions at [email protected].

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