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Minneapolis Laser Hair Removal

Tareen Dermatology is excited to introduce laser hair removal to the Minneapolis area. The Candela GentleMax offers a comprehensive treatment system that allows Dr. Tareen to customize the treatment to your individual skin tone and color. In addition, the GentleMax is effective at treating brown spots and tightening the skin.

The GentleMax works with two lasers to offer faster, more versatile treatment options for men and women of all skin tones. The dual laser offers an Alexandrite laser for lighter skin tones and a Yag laser for pigmented skin tones. The innovative laser also utilizes a patented dynamic cooling device, cooling the skin with a spray of cryogen before the laser pulses, making the GentleMax the most advanced and comfortable laser available in the Twin Cities!

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Dr. Tareen, a board certified dermatologist understands all the unique considerations when choosing the safest and most effective laser hair removal treatment for various hair types and skin tones. Tareen Dermatology offers a customized laser hair removal treatment plan for each patient that is directly overseen by Dr. Tareen personally.

We offer package discounts and 12 months interest free financing with CareCredit. To find out more about the newest, advanced laser hair removal treatment please contact us at [email protected] or (651) 633-6883 to schedule your consultation.

What sets Tareen Dermatology Laser Hair Removal apart from Groupon-promoted lasers and MediSpas?

  1. All patients are personally overseen by Dr. Tareen, a board certified dermatologist.
  2. Tareen Dermatology offers the gold- standard most effective laser on the market. The Candela GentleMax has scientific data showing its permanent efficacy.
  3. Tareen Dermatology uses a laser- not an “IPL” device. IPL technology is much less expensive and does not offer permanent hair removal. Furthermore, IPL devices may lead to scarring, and paradoxical increased hair growth, in some skin tones.
  4. Tareen Dermatology is able to treat any skin type safely with our dual wavelength laser.
  5. Most importantly, Dr. Tareen used the GentleMax hair removal laser for many years when she practiced in New York City. This laser has provided Dr. Tareen with long-lasting effective hair removal for her own face and arms. She has treated thousands of her New York patients with excellent results with this laser and is thrilled to offer it to her Minnesota patients!

Laser hair removal pre and post-treatment instructions

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