Inflamed Keratosis

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An inflamed keratosis is simply a benign skin growth that has become irritated over time. These rough, hard, crusty lesions often itch, bleed, or rub on clothing. They are also referred to as inflamed seborrheic keratoses.

Because inflamed keratoses may continue to grow, itch, or bleed, Dr. Tareen may suggest treatment of the lesion. There are some options for the removal:

  • Liquid Nitrogen – A small inflamed keratosis can be frozen with liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen works wonderfully for these lesions because it freezes and destroys the superficial inflamed cells but leaves the deeper, normal cells intact. The frozen keratosis forms a blister as the water is released from the now-dead cells then crusts over as that water dries. When the crust falls off after several days, the skin underneath has begun to repair itself.

  • Shave -Inflamed keratoses may also be removed after numbing the skin and superficially shaving them off. The lesions are very superficial, so the skin heals quickly after the shave procedure.

  • Laser or Hyfercation: In this procedure, a laser or electric device lightly treats only the superficially inflamed skin cells. This procedure may be used for facial inflamed keratosis.

Atypical Inflamed Keratoses

Sometimes inflamed seborrheic keratoses can be very difficult to distinguish from melanoma type of skin cancer. Inflamed keratoses can have irregular border, color variation, and asymmetry throughout the lesion. Do not hesitate to call Dr. Tareen if you are concerned about any skin lesion. More importantly, if Dr. Tareen diagnoses and treats an inflamed keratosis and it does not resolve, please give the office a call.

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