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Natural Remedies for Psoriasis

Psoriasis effects more than 7.5 million people in the U.S. and Tareen Dermatology treats thousands of these patients a year with this autoimmune disease. It appears on the skin as scaly, red plaques that are typically itchy and sometimes even painful.

Dr. Mohiba Tareen, accredited board certified dermatologist, owner of Tareen Dermatology and also recognized as Minnesota’s Top Dermatologists, describes certain natural remedies and skin tips she suggests to her patients who suffer from psoriasis. As Dr. Tareen suffers from mild psoriasis as well she shares some natural options that work for her skin.

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The "Ugly Duckling Sign"

Are you aware that more than 87,000 cases of melanoma were diagnosed in the US in 2017? This makes melanoma the fifth most common cancer in America. Melanoma is aggressive and rapidly deadly if it spreads beyond the skin.

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The safe and effective miracle treatment for sunburn!

Despite our best efforts at sun protection, we all know the pain and peeling that comes with a sunburn. But did you know that a single treatment of high dose vitamin D can rapidly help calm the symptoms of sunburn if taken within 1 hour of the burn?

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Can I prevent skin cancer?

An epidemic is sweeping our nation – skin cancer is on the rise with over 4 million new cases diagnosed every year in the United States. The vast majority of these skin cancers are of the basal and squamous cell carcinoma type. These types of skin cancer have an indisputable link with sun exposure. Melanoma type skin cancer is also increasing- this more deadly subtype has both a sun induced and genetic component. As a society, we are now quite conscious about sunscreen. Are there other things we can do to help prevent this epidemic of skin cancer?

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Excessive sweating- a stressful issue in teens and young adults

According to a recent survey by the American Academy of Dermatology, approximately 20% of teens and young adults suffer from excessive, uncontrollable sweating. This condition, known as hyperhidrosis, can interfere with daily life and cause anxiety.

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Creams for Wrinkles

As a certified dermatologist, I am often asked by patients if there are any creams to prevent and treat wrinkles. Luckily, there is! Retinols are vitamin A based derivative that increase cell turnover and help build collagen. Retinols are also great for treating blackheads/whiteheads and help reduce the appearance of some sun spots by exfoliating them away. Until three months ago, prescription strength could only be prescribed by an MD, however Differin recently became a great OTC alternative. Differin, also known as Adaplene .1% gel, is available over the counter at retailers like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, etc and costs approximately $15 for a 15 gram tube.

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Tanning- do I need a base tan?

Spring is one of the best aspects of Minnesota. We all emerge from our winter hibernation to enjoy the warmer temperatures and especially the rejuvenating sunshine. Unfortunately, sun and UV exposure come with risks. Many of my patients comment on their pale legs and skin unaccustomed to sunshine and cannot wait to get that first bit of tan. Society has conditioned us to think that a tan is healthy, but, in fact, a tan is your skin’s way of trying to protect itself from the harmful effects of UV exposure.

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