Telemedicine Q&A

What is Telemedicine?

Tareen Dermatology is the Premier Telemedicine provider in Minnesota. At our practice, all of our Telemedicine virtual visits allow patients to discuss symptoms, medical issues, and more with one of our expert board-certified Dermatologists or Physician Assistants via face-to-face video conferencing - all from the comfort and convenience of your home. Visits can be conducted on our easy-to-use Telemedicine platform via your smartphone, tablet, or computer and are HIPAA compliant and secure.

Will my insurance cover Telemedicine virtual visits at Tareen Dermatology?

Though every insurance plan is different, most major insurance companies are covering Telemedicine virtual visits just the same as they would any in-person office visit.

What are the advantages of using Telemedicine at Tareen Dermatology?

Tareen Dermatology is dedicated to providing the same quality of care in a virtual visit as an in person visit. Often, our patients enjoy this option as it doesn’t require travel outside of your home, childcare, or other needed accommodations necessary for in-person visits.

How tech savvy do I need to be in order to accomplish a Telemedicine virtual visit with a Tareen Dermatology?

Virtual visits are accomplished by using your smartphone, tablet, or computer with a working webcam, microphone and speakers along with an internet connection. Our staff is equipped to help you troubleshoot any questions and make sure you have adequate instructions available before beginning your first visit. We have patients, of all ages, utilizing this service offering without issue.

Can I schedule a Telemedicine virtual visit if I am a new patient or live outside of the metro area?

Yes! That is the beauty of Telemedicine. We are happy to see anyone virtually no matter where you live in the state of Minnesota. Therefore, if you are a new patient to Tareen Dermatology, we would be honored to see you remotely.

How do I schedule a Telemedicine virtual visit at Tareen Dermatology?

There are 3 ways for patients to schedule virtual visits including:

  • Call our office at 651.633.6883 - our staff can help identify times and dates of availability with one of our expert providers.
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Request an appointment online on our website HERE. Our staff will respond with a confirmation and/or retrieve any needed information from you prior to your appointment.

If I am used to getting my prescriptions from the Tareen Dermatology dispensary, can I still get them? What about new prescriptions?

All prescription medications can be refilled or filled via our convenient in-house dispensary without needing to physically visit the clinic. We are happy to mail (no delivery fee) any recommended or prescribed medications direct to your door.

Are there long wait times in order to have a Telemedicine virtual visit at Tareen Dermatology?

We have same day appointments available with our expert providers. Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment about any skin conditions you might have - we are here to help!

How do I know if my condition can be treated via Telemedicine virtual visit?

We are happy to help provide you with clarification on whether or not your medical concerns require you to come into the office for an evaluation or treatment. Please call our office at 651.633.6883 if you are not sure what type of visit to schedule.

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