Careers in Medicine

careers in medicine

At Tareen Dermatology’s 2nd annual Careers in Medicine event, young female minorities and women of color were able to connect and network with professionals in the medical field, gaining valuable information about educational pathways, scholarship opportunities, and other resources to help navigate the complex process of pursuing a medical career at any level.1

The Careers in Medicine event was designed to foster the next generation of female healthcare leaders and encourage girls to explore the wide array of opportunities available in the medical field. Attendees heard from diverse role models who covered careers including becoming a doctor, physician assistant, medical billing specialist, phlebotomist, medical aesthetician, medical marketer, and more.

“As a minority female entrepreneur, mother, and dermatologist, it is an honor to provide a foundation for young minority women and girls to explore their passion for medicine and connect them with inspiring women who have paved the way in this field. I aim to support these future healthcare leaders and give them the hope, courage, and resources to start their career journey,” said Mohiba Tareen, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Tareen Dermatology with offices in Roseville, Maplewood, Faribault, Monticello, and Eagan, Minnesota, and Hudson, Wisconsin.

Attendees were enthusiastic about all the options in healthcare and wanted to know more about the steps they should take as women of color to receive equal opportunities, how to decide on the right medical career path, ways to address gender disparities in certain fields, how to pay for college, and other issues relating to school and medical careers. They learned about scholarship opportunities offered by Tareen Dermatology for high school juniors and seniors interested in healthcare. Many participants also attended last year’s program and brought friends and relatives to the 2nd Annual Careers in Medicine event.

Tareen Dermatology plans to expand the reach of its events, working with more schools and communities to provide even greater opportunities for young girls to explore their passion for medicine and receive mentoring from women in healthcare. The practice regularly participates in community outreach, serving in soup kitchens and schools to help their patients and neighbors, and sharing information about careers that can help lift families up.


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