Your Newest Podcast Obsession

We’re excited to announce our brand-new podcast, The Daily Dose of Derm! This isn’t just a podcast; it’s your passport to all things skincare, beauty, cutting-edge dermatological treatments, and the insider’s guide on navigating the world of derm. Join our passionate community as we guide you on the path to unlocking the doors of the derm world.

In each episode, prepare to be captivated by riveting discussions featuring expert insights, engaging interviews with distinguished medical professionals, and a curated showcase of the most groundbreaking research in the field. Whether you’re a devoted skincare enthusiast seeking to deepen your understanding or an aspiring medical professional eager to step into the world of derm, this podcast is your daily companion for boundless knowledge and unwavering inspiration. Listen to the first episode featuring Dr. Tareen and how she became a dermatologist.