Smoother, more hydrated skin…that lasts

Skinvive™ is the only FDA-approved microdroplet hyaluronic acid injectable that results in smoother skin. It increases the hydration of the skin for a glowing, youthful look. This product is perfect for any age, providing the natural plumpness of healthy, hydrated skin. Younger patients will experience more glow, and more mature patients will experience subtle softening. No matter your age, your skin will look and feel healthier.


Is Skinvive™ a filler?

Skinvive™ is not a filler, although it uses the same hyaluronic acid substance. Think of Skinvive™ as somewhere between your Hyaluronic Acid topical serum and a filler. Skinvive™ does not provide any volume or augmentation of the face and is solely meant for skin hydration.

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