Dermaplaning is an exfoliating treatment that uses a blade to remove the top layer of skin, including the peach fuzz, off of the face. In doing so, it reveals brighter, smoother skin underneath and encourages skin cell turnover. Nearly everyone is a candidate for dermaplaning, as it works on the superficial layers of dead skin, and there is no downtime to the procedure! Some patients may experience mild redness after treatment.

Dermaplaning also pairs well with a chemical peel–after your skin is exfoliated, the chemical peel can penetrate more deeply and evenly than on normal skin.

The cost for this procedure is $95, or you can book a series of 3 treatments for $250. If you have further questions, we encourage you to schedule a cosmetic consultation by calling 651-633-6883 Ext. 2 or emailing

Patient Testimonials

This treatment made my skin feel so soft and clean. I would highly recommend getting it! – Sam

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