Skin Allergies & Patch Testing

Many people experience recurrent eczema flares or rashes that continue to flare. There is often not an obvious cause of these rashes, which can be very frustrating. In order to determine the cause of recurrent irritation on the skin, many of our patients choose to undergo patch testing.

Allergy patch testing is a simple procedure, which is performed at all of our offices. The patch testing process occurs over a series of three visits, which are generally scheduled on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the same week. During the initial visit, a panel of allergens is applied directly to your back. The panel of allergens is removed during the second visit. On the third visit, we will evaluate your skin and determine which allergens may cause a rash on your skin. This process is useful, because we can determine exactly which ingredients cause your skin to react. During this final visit, we will review the contact allergens identified by the testing process and discuss the products that these ingredients are commonly found in.

Patch testing is covered by most insurance plans and can be a useful and worthwhile way to determine which ingredients you should avoid, in order to prevent recurrence of rashes caused by contact dermatitis. Common allergens include dyes, fragrances, and preservatives.

Patient Testimonials

“After years of guessing what was causing my red and bumpy rash, I finally did patch testing and got to the bottom of my skin allergies. I would highly recommend this process, and I am so thankful for the Tareen Dermatology team who took such good care of me.” – Gary


Can I take a shower during the patch testing process?

Your back should not get wet from Monday afternoon until Wednesday, when the patches are removed. You may take a tub or sponge bath, but please do not get the back wet. From Wednesday to Friday (the day of the reading of the allergies), you may shower if there is someone who can re-mark the area of the patches before and after the shower.

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