Skin Brightening Pads

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Balance skin tone and reduce brown spots

Description: Antioxidant rich formulation to balance skin tone and reduce brown spots. In addition to 4% hydroquinone, they contain kojic acid, arbutin, bearberry extract for skin brightening: ascorbic acid and green tea poluphenols, and embilica to calm and protect against free radicals. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin and oily skin.


Apply pad to affected area three times per week or as directed by your provider.

Available in a 60 pad jar
Compounded at the physician site for maximum freshness
Gluten, Alcohol, Acetone, Paraben and Fragrance-free

Ingredients: Kojic Acid, Arbutin, Bearberry, Green Tea Poluphenols, Vitamin C, Embilica, Silybum

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