Top Tips for Chapped Lips

This time of year, many people are experiencing chapped lips, and environmental triggers like cold temperatures, dry air, and wind are at their peak during Minnesota winters. In the medical field, we call dryness or inflammation of lips cheilitis.

Many people don’t realize that the lip products or even the toothpaste you use can worsen your dry lips! Dry lips from winter weather can usually be improved by drinking more water, using a humidifier in your space, and using fragrance-free plain lip balms. Some of our favorite lip balms that you can find at your local store include Aquaphor, vaseline, and Dr. Dan’s Cortibalm. It is also very important that people refrain from licking their dry lips; this actually wicks away the moisture from the lips themselves. These simple changes should improve your symptoms within 2-3 weeks.

Persistent dry lips can be a sign of sun damage, resulting in cancerous or precancerous changes. It can also be a sign of an allergy to a product you are using; often, it can be products you aren’t even applying to your lips. Significant cracks in the lips can get infected, especially at the corners of your mouth. This condition, called angular cheilitis, must be treated with a combination of prescription topicals. There can also be vitamin deficiencies at play.

If your dry lips are simply not getting better during these dry months, call us at 651-633-6883 to schedule an appointment!